The Chronicles of Lady Banana, Esq.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away lived a shy, awkward girl. She lived in a village that was very predictable and dull. The girl wanted to break out of the mold that she had in her village but couldn't sum up the confidence. The girl was always laughed at for her attempts to be funny and accepted. Until one faithful day, while walking in the woods, the girl found a bright and shiny banana costume hanging from a tree. She had never seen the likes of such a thing. Not caring if anything horrible should happen the girl had an urge to try it on. Once the costume was on she felt a confidence grow inside her that she never felt before. She also felt an overwhelming sillyness in her as well. She marched back to her town with that costume still on. The villagers laughed at her and couldn't believe the site. The girl didn't care and started to make an even bigger spectacle of herself by dancing and singing. The villagers were over joyous by the girl's noble act. The girl brought back life into the town. For doing so, the villagers told of her story to the King and Queen. The King and Queen loved the girl so much for this that they wanted to give her a title. So from that day on, the girl was known as Lady Banana, Esq. This is her blog of her many journeys thru life by making things different and anew.